I've been in a very creative mood for houses lately. I have a lot that I've made over the past month. I'll only be sharing three though. Two I've started and the other is still in my head! =)

Anyways, I'd thought I'd share my new Cottage with you! I really love this one. This pic is from the outside because the inside is left untouched at the moment. I'm very fond of how it turning out.

I know I always say I'll try and have something up
within a couple of days/weeks. But 
to be honest I have no idea how long this 
will take so no promises LOL! 

I know I said I'd have Alonzo up between tonight and 
tomorrow morning but doesn't look like
that's gonna happen considering 
I work on the weekends 
now. *sigh* 

Anyways, bye for now! 

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