Monday, March 26, 2012

New dress patterns

Despite what happened over the weekend I did manage to go into my game and upload a couple of dresses and make a new sim! But for now, here are the dresses...

First one ~

Pretty Girl


Here's my next one Safari blast. I really like this one a lot! Here ya' go!


Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely evening everyone! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New W.I.P.S. (Works in progress)


I have a new lot and sim today! I plan on uploading both sometime this weekend (maybe) Anyhoo, here's some snap shots!

Here's my new sim Razor. I love him! He's one of my favs 
and my best sim ever! =D

Thought I took more photos of him but guess i didn't. =/ 
I'll try and snap some more before I upload.

Here's my new small family house! Looks a little
plain on the outside I guess I'll have to do 
more work now that I'm looking at it! 

Here's more photos! 

Well, that's it for now. I hope you guys like! 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tutorial ~ How to edit and create a "pretty" avatar photo

                                      I've been having some questions on how to
                                   create and make a "pretty" avatar pic.

Just a note before I begin, you MUST have good graphics to take "pretty" photos. I've had some people get mad with me because there photos didn't turn out like mine. Not my fault your graphics suck! You know who you are! Anyways, her we go!

Open up gimp and select a photo you want to edit. Once you open the photo up at the top select "Layer" scroll down to "Transparency" then select "Add Alpha Channel"

Note: Your sim MUST be behind a plain background, doesn't matter the color but can't have any designs as the background. Next, go to the "tool box" and select "fuzzy tool" then click on the black background.

Up at the top go to "Edit" and "clear"

Then your photo should look like this:

If your photo doesn't look like this, you made a mistake somewhere, go re-read the top until your photo looks like this. 

Next, go to "select" and go down and select "none" 

Then at the tool box, select the "smudge" tool and the "erase" tool to make your photos look nice.

Then once your finished with that, go to "Edit" and cut" 

Then your sim should be gone. 

Paste your sim on your chosen background like this:

Then repeat the process all over again depending on how much Sims you want on your background. 


Then save the photo as a ".png" file and upload it like you normally would. Any questions? Feel free to ask!



                                               Here's my new sim


Store Content:


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Carrie Underwood ~ Good Girl

Love Carrie Underwood and I love this song,
so I'd thought I'd share it and it kind of goes with my 
"Victorianish" theme I got goin' on around here! 

Have a nice day! 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


                                                              Good evening!

Okay, tonight I'm not sharing a sim but something on the exchange that get's on my nerves. Is anyone else sick and tired of some people trying to get sympathy recommendations and downloads? Looky here...

Not only do I find this rude, but very disrespectful to people who have lost someone to this disease. Also 
very desperate for trying to get recommendations off of it. Apparently 10557 (so far) people were fooled. 

Well, him/her does have the most rec'd sim so I guess congrats *sarcasm* 

Anyways, Happy (early) ST. Patricks Day everybody!