Wednesday, March 14, 2012


                                                              Good evening!

Okay, tonight I'm not sharing a sim but something on the exchange that get's on my nerves. Is anyone else sick and tired of some people trying to get sympathy recommendations and downloads? Looky here...

Not only do I find this rude, but very disrespectful to people who have lost someone to this disease. Also 
very desperate for trying to get recommendations off of it. Apparently 10557 (so far) people were fooled. 

Well, him/her does have the most rec'd sim so I guess congrats *sarcasm* 

Anyways, Happy (early) ST. Patricks Day everybody!



  1. LMFAO, I've always felt that way, but never said anything, there this one person who's whole entire studio is filled with sympathy sims asking for downloads and reccomendations, I can understand one but twenty get the f*** outta here lol

  2. LOL! Their was one around Christmas who was asking for sympathy downloads, I forgot what her cause was but apparently made 10 ppl angry. LOL!

  3. If it isn't sympathy rec's some are seeking, it's also posting "give me gifts". How rude! LOL! If I happen to like your creation, I'll gladly hand out a rec...but don't beg me for one! I happen to have lost several people very dear to me to cancer...but frankly, handing out a rec for those who have survived and lost to the battle, isn't going to help them or the millions who get diagnosed. And further more, just because I don't "rec" it, doesn't mean I don't support cancer research! The nerve of some people, geesh! LOL!

  4. I know!I mean, if they want to make a sim for a cause then there's nothing wrong with that! But don't beg for recs and downloads. I personally haven't lost anyone to this disease and I still find it rather annoying!

    I've had people ask me for gifts before, I usually just delete and ignore them. Like, what makes you think I have money??? I'm just as broke as you! LOL!

  5. LOL! No doubt. If I had the money, I think I would buy simpoints not only to just to be generous, but treat myself too!


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